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Emergency Closure

5th February 2018


Dear Parents/ Guardians,


I would like to thank all parents for your patience and understanding during last week’s school closure to carry out emergency works to repair the heating system in the school.  As I said on the school website the problem was caused by a significant water leak under the senior yard which went undetected as the water flowed down into the water tanks in the new school and resulted in the complete and sudden seizure of our boiler.  I would liken it to an empty kettle being switched on and consequently burning out.


During the week replacement boilers were installed in the senior yard and new pipe work installed in the adjacent classrooms and in the ceilings of the corridors. All this work is incredibly expensive.  I think parents will be pleased to learn that we have applied for and been granted emergency funding to carry out the work and so the vast majority of the expense for these repairs will be covered by the Department which is a relief given all the projects we hope to fund in our new schools.


The Board has met twice in the past two weeks and has also had several phone conference meetings.  The Board, in co-operation with teaching staff, has considered several ways in which to make up the time that has been lost during this emergency.  The school was due to close for two half days to carry out Child Protection training in the coming weeks.  These closure will not now take place.  The number of tours this year will also be limited and our sports day will now be a half day.  Teachers will also prioritise the core curricular subjects in any discretionary periods.  By taking all these steps the Board is satisfied that the curriculum will be fully covered by the end of the school year.


Once again I would like to thank the school community for their support in this challenging period.  Teachers, SNA’s and ancillary staff have worked incredibly hard over the period to reduce the impact on as many children as possible.  The Board has been a wonderful support to myself and Ms. Scott as we tried to manage the situation.  Parents have been hugely patient and understanding.  Finally the children have been as good as they always are, dealing with whatever is thrown at them with good humour and super attitude.




Paul Comiskey, Principal.