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Russian Visit

Russian Ministry of Education visit Lusk National School. 

We had some very special visitors to our two schools last week. The Russian Ministry of Education were invited to our school to observe how we incorporate I.T. into our lessons. They were welcomed by Ms. Clarke, Mr. Comiskey, Ms. White,  Ms. Scott and the Students Council in the foyer of Lusk Senior School. They enjoyed a number of presentations by 6th class students who explained how they use I.T. in their classroom. Mr. Mahon’s music group also performed some traditional Irish songs on the recorder, cello, violin and accordion. Mr. Daly guided the group through an outline of our own Digital framework. They continued their visit by calling into numerous classrooms to observe the activties the children were participating in. Afterwards, they visited Lusk Junior School where they were given a warm welcome by students. They observed a range of activities which displayed their use of I.T. in the classroom.

Well done to everyone who was involved and helped make the day such a success.