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LNS and Information & Communications Technology (ICT)


Here at Lusk NS, we have made exciting advancements in our use of ICT to enhance the delivery of the curriculum to every single child in the school. Through teaching and learning with ICT we equip children to participate in a rapidly changing world, where work and leisure activities are increasingly transformed by technology. We enable them to find, explore, analyse, exchange and present information. We also focus on developing the skills necessary for children to be able to use information in a discriminating and effective way.

We have invested generously in ICT over the last number of years, through grants, schools funds, and voluntary contributions. As a result every class is fully equipped with an Interactive Whiteboard (IWB), two computers, and a scanner or visualiser. Every class also has access to a central printer and various auxillary ICT equipment. We also have a super Computer suite which is designed to facilitate whole class lessons.