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Healthy Eating

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 Healthy Eating Policy


This policy aims to promote the health and well being of the child and provide a foundation for healthy living. Research indicates a strong link between diet and performance (e.g. a low sugar intake promotes concentration, lessens hyperactivity, protects teeth, and lessens the risk of diabetes).  In Ireland, dietary related diseases accounts for a considerable proportion of deaths due to ill health.  Lusk National School promotes healthy eating in conjunction with regular exercise recognising the close link between diet and exercise in promoting a healthy lifestyle.



To create an awareness among our school community, and in particular the pupils, that there is a direct link between eating patterns and health. Through a planned structured approach we aim to support healthy eating patterns in our pupils.



  • To enable the child to appreciate the importance of good nutrition for growing, developing and staying healthy.
  • To enable the child to accept some personal responsibility for making wise food choices and adopting a healthy, balanced diet.
  • To create an environment to make changes easier, for example, healthy eating days, eating options at parties etc
  • To encourage parents to provide only healthy choices in lunch boxes.Policy ContentSuggested Options Bread or rolls preferably wholemeal                   Lean meatPasta – wholegrain                                          Tinned Fish e.g. tuna/sardinesWholemeal scones                                            QuicheHome made muffins                     Fruit & Vegetables                                   DrinksMandarins, Orange segments                            Fruit juices/SmoothiesPlums/Pineapple cubes/Grapes                          Yoghurt   Our policy encourages all children to eat a healthy, balanced lunch every day. An individual treat is acceptable one day per week (in line with department policy that such treats should be consumed sparingly). A small/ funsize treat such as popcorn, a chocolate biscuit, muffin, cereal bar etc may be taken to school on this day generally Friday, as an addition to the child’s normal lunch.  UnHealthy Foods
  • The following items are completely banned from consumption on school property, and on any school-related outings: –
  • Treats
  • **Children should also be encouraged to hydrate properly, as hydration is directly linked to academic and physical performance. Children should be encouraged to drink water regularly throughout the day.
  • *Growing children should get approximately one pint of milk a day, or its equivalent as cheese, yoghurt or milk pudding. This ensures that they get enough calcium, which is essential for healthy bones and teeth.
  • Cucumber/Sweetcorn/Tomato/Coleslaw
  • Fruit Salad, dried fruit                                      Water**
  • Apples, Banana, Peach                                    Milk*
  • Bread sticks/crackers/pitta bread
  • Potato Salad                                                   Cheese
  • Rice – wholegrain                                             Chicken/Turkey
  • Bread & Alternatives                               Savouries
  • It is good practice to encourage a healthy lunch as early as possible in a child’s life. The following guide is designed to help parents provide appetising and nutritious lunches for their children.
  • Crisps
  • Fizzy drinks
  • Chewing gum
  • Toffee
  • Lollipops/hardboiled sweets
  • Fruit winders
  • School Implementation
  • Class teachers will encourage compliance with the school policy using a range of techniques such as teacher praise, educational lessons during SPHE, and possible reward schemes.
  • The reward scheme will include promotion of a ‘treat free Friday’ presenting children with stickers for those who choose not to bring in a treat on Friday.
  • Classes will receive regular visits from the Principal/Deputy Principal to support the Healthy Eating Policy
  • Information will be shared at meetings with parents of new infants regarding our school policy. The schools Infant Information Booklet will include greater detail regarding our policy and may use colour coded data to heighten awareness
  • Laminated colour coded notices will be displayed in each classroom, outlining promoted and banned foods in the school.
  • Asking the question “What’s in your lunchbox?” encourages pupils to examine their content and nutritional value
  • A nutritionist or teacher will be organised to speak to the children on a topic of healthy eating on occasion. Presentations will include junior and senior assemblies in the hall, and individual class presentations.
  • Staff will be conscious of the pitfalls of using sweet treats as a reward system and will limit this method of reward to occasional Fridays.
  • Lusk National School is an ‘Active School’ and was awarded our Active Flag in 2015. We are also part of the ‘Healthy Schools Initiative’. In conjunction with our ‘Healthy Eating Policy’ we promote an active lifestyle and organise daily exercise for the children through activities such as DEAR (Drop everything and Run), dance academy, ‘cara clós’.Communication
  • Suggested lunches for everyday are recommended in the policy which will be distributed to parents and made available on the website.
  • Parents are recommended to consult the safefood.eu website for suggestions regarding healthy options
  • Information, recipes, lunch ideas etc will be made available to all homes in order to promote Healthy Eating via the school website.
  • As part of our ‘Healthy Schools Initiative’ teachers discuss healthy eating and healthy lifestyle choices at school assembly on a regular basis.ReviewThis policy was ratified in January 2016 and will be reviewed as the need arises. Mr. Lorcan O’Toole, Chairperson                      Mr. Paul Comiskey, Principal
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Sample Lunches

Wholemeal bread/ham & cheese

Fruit Yohurt

Cut melon cubes

Small packet raisins

Milk/water/fruit juice




Pitta filled with sliced turkey and cream cheese

Carrot sticks

Pineapple chunks

Yoghurt covered raisins

Milk/water fruit juice



Small roll with tuna and sweetcorn

Pineapple and cheese chunks

Yoghurt covered raisins

Mini fruit muffin

Milk/water/fruit juice