How to Limit your Child’s Internet Access.

 How to Easily Limit Your Childs Internet Accessipad_kid

It’s no secret that children love their iPods – sometimes a little too much. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all sorts of other Internet-based activities, there are lots of ways kids can spend their time online. As parents, we try to encourage our children to take a break from the Internet. It may seem to be a never ending battle. Your wireless router may have some built-in functions to help your cause.

The Wireless Router

A wireless router is a device that allows all the computers and portable devices in your home to share an Internet connection. It basically establishes a network to connect all your devices. This is called a Local Area Network or LAN. Wireless routers allow devices to connect to the LAN in two ways:

  1. By connecting the device directly to the router using a cable, or
  2. By allowing the device to connect to the router wirelessly using radio waves to transmit and receive data.

The broadband Internet connection from your cable or DSL provider is also connected to the wireless router. The wireless router handles all the technical aspects of sharing that Internet connection with all the devices on the LAN.

Router Access Restrictions

When your wireless router was setup, the default setting allows unlimited Internet access to all devices. With a quick visit to the setup page of your router, you can establish restrictions for some or all devices.

The MAC (Media Access Control) address is a unique network address assigned to every hardware device. A typical MAC address looks like this: c4:8f:64:4d:36:6e. Knowing your device’s MAC address is important if you want to connect to a router or to implement MAC address filtering

How to Find the WiFi Mac Address on an Android:

app drawerTap on the app drawer icon on your home screen.images 

Depending on your phone model and selection of theme, the app drawer icon may look different, but in general, it a circular icon with six dots. It is usually located at the bottom centre of the screen. Tapping on the app drawer icon will open up a menu with all the installed applications in your device.


Gear-01Navigate to the settings (gear) icon and tap on it. This will open a list of settings options for the device.


Tap on “About Phone.” This will open a list of items that will show different information about your Android phone.


Tap on “Status.” This will open up another list that will show hardware information of your Android device.


Find your MAC address. Scroll through the list for “Wi-Fi MAC address.” It’s usually somewhere the middle of the list. The MAC address will be displayed under the heading.



How to Find the WiFi Mac Address on an Apple Device

To locate the MAC Address of your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, follow these steps: 

  • Tap Settings.  
  • Select General.  
  • Then select About

The MAC address is listed as WiFi Address.

Status Apple


Setting the Parental Controls

Log into your eircom router by typing the default IP address which is into the internet address bar (as shown in the diagram below). If you have never changed your password all details are at the back of your router.


Once you log into you router it will look like the following;


The features that we are interested in are;

  1. Parental controls
  2. Locking down the router to Mac address. (Note: this will only allow your devices on the network not any visitors unless you add their mac address)

First of all we go to the Network Setting Tab and then to wireless as shown in the diagram below


Now if you want to lock down your network to a MAC address go to the MAC Authentication tab as shown in the diagram above. We are only allowing certain addresses.


Then we go to the Security tab and click on MAC filter. Fill in a name for your host device e.g. Lusk NS IPAD and the MAC address



Now for the Parental control this is in Security tab as well

Now this is where you can name the websites you want available to the kids.


  • Click on the add PCP rule
  • Name the rule
  • Enter your preferences regarding your children’s assess times

Then on the custom tab this is where you tie it down to your childs device. So hit on the arrow key and it will show you all the devices on your network.


So I am choosing one device and only allowing it for a certain time and on certain days etc


So now you have locked the time to child can surf the web on that device to a time and only certain websites. If you need any further assistance contact the school and I can assist.

This can be done on all broadband Virgin, Vodafone etc. I know I have explained Eir or Eircom. Hope this is of help.

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