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Green Schools

Lusk National School Green School Committee

Lusk National School is a fully recognised Green School. We were awarded our first Green Flag in May 2006 for work in recycling and litter awareness. We were awarded our second Green Flag for work in awareness and conservation of energy.

The next flag we are aiming for is for travel. We have a very hard working committee who, along with the whole school community help to make our school a greener and more environmentally friendly place to be. This year the committee have been meeting each Wednesday to review jobs, to participate in experiments and to share ideas on how to be water smart.


 Our committee comprises of students from 1st class to 6th class along with teachers. Two students from each class have volunteered to do their part in helping to keep our school green!

Green School Committee

First Class

Sarah                                     Angel                                    Ben

Jason                                     Ishbel                                    Tara

Second Class

Jason                                     Amirat                                  Daniel

Niamh                                   Orla                                        Toni



Third Class

Megan                                  Asmina                                 Beni                       Ryan

Daisy                                     Taylor                                    Sophie                  Abigail


Fourth Class

Cornelius                             Seán                                      Cody                      Jennifer

Ellie                                        Zoe                                        Alimat                   Chidendu


Fifth Class

Megan                                  Dana                                      Leah

Adam                                    Lukeman                             Shannon


Sixth Class

Mollaidh                              KayKay                                 Valdis

Ore                                        Orianne                                                Jennifer



This term we are revisiting the important message of our first ever green flag-

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

We aim to improve upon our disposal of waste and ensure our school is a litter free zone.


Important Points:

*All children bring home lunch rubbish.

*Use a reuseable lunch box and drink bottle.

*Don’t waste paper.

*Recycle all paper and card.

*Please bring in old batteries to school for recycling.