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Halloween at Lusk S.N.S.

Halloween at Lusk S.N.S.

Lusk S.N.S. looked very spooky today! There was lots of interesting characters in our classrooms from frightening clowns to terrifying skeletons & doctors. The children participated in lots of fun activities such as pumpkin carving. We hope everyone has a lovely Halloween break! Happy Halloween!!

Take a look at some of the photos from the day.

Ms. Foxes 3rd class

Ms. Quinn’s 4th class


Ms. Mc Cauls 4th class

Mr. Gleeson’s 4th class

Mr. Lynch’s 4th class

Ms. Gallagher’s 5th class

Ms. Browne’s 5th class

Mr. Hickeys 5th class

Mr. Dalys 6th class

Ms. Hickeys 6th class

Pumpkin Carving

Mr. O’Donnell’s 6th class