School Strike for Climate Change

Friday 15 March was a global day of action for climate change. Demanding that their voices be heard, students all over the world took part in #fridaysforfuture marches. In Dublin 10,000 young people marched to the Dáil demanding that our government take action. Here in Lusk, our students also made their voices heard. With chants of “Save Our butterflies. Save Our Bees” and “Use less plastic. Plant More Trees” our students walked out of school demanding action.
In the run up to the march each class had learned about Greta Thunberg, the Swedish 15 year old who inspired the entire movement. We also learned about different aspects of Climate Change. Junior Infants learned about why flowers and trees are so important to our planet. Senior Infants discovered what we can do to help butterflies and bees. First class took a fresh look at the importance of REDUCE in the reduce, reuse, recycle slogan while second class studied global warming & it’s effect on the polar ice caps.

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