Native Woodland Project

Native Woodland Project

On Thursday & Friday 14 & 15 March we began Part 1 of our Native Woodland Project. With some expert advisors on hand, lots of enthusiastic parents and some very hard working students, we planted over 260 trees. Each 6th class planted a tree themselves, then they helped a first class student to plant one too. During the preparation for these planting days, all of the 6th class students researched the importance of planting native trees. We look forward to them sharing their projects with their first class buddies.

Part 2 of the Native Woodland Project will take place in the Autumn. At that time, every other student in the school will have the opportunity to plant a tree. This is a very special project for the students to take part in. Not only are they improving our school grounds by planting trees, they will also get to watch their trees grow over the years to come.

While our staff and students work very hard on these projects, they also wouldn’t be possible without the help and support of our volunteer parents. A massive thank you to all staff, students & parents involved!

The finishing touches……

On Thursday & Friday 21 & 22 March our hardworking First and Sixth classes put the finishing touches to our woodland planting. There was still a lot of bark mulch to be moved and spread. Well done to all of our shovelers, wheelbarrow pushers, rakers & sweepers…. Always plenty of work to be done in the garden! Once again a big thank you to our volunteer parents.

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