Lámh Celebrated in Assembly

This week we had a particularly exciting assembly celebrating our whole-school Lámh initiative which coincided with World Down Syndrome day. A huge congratulations and well done to all the children who participated signing and singing along to Ellie Gouldings ‘How long will I love you’. The performance was inspired by the viral video created by #trionastots and #team21.
Ms Sherry’s Junior Infants along with some fantastic students from the second classes led the performance and we think you’ll agree from the images provided, they did a fantastic job.
Lámh is a manual sign system used by children and adults who have communication needs. Lámh is an integral programme in our school community and part of the children’s daily routine. Each Friday the children learn a new sign which they are then encouraged to use with their peers throughout the week. The child friendly programme is a massive hit among the children and we encourage parents to get involved. Why not ask your child to teach you some signs? after all, they are fast becoming experts!

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