A Special Hello from LJNS!

Hello boys and girls! All of the staff in Lusk JNS miss you so very much. We know you’ve been very busy doing some of the activities we have given you and we want to say a massive THANK YOU for all of your fantastic work. You are wonderful and we are the proudest bunch of teachers, as are your hardworking mammies and daddies.

Although school activities are important, we find ourselves living in a new routine. Ms. Fay has been working really hard making videos that put a smile on our faces every week. Her song from last week inspired us and this week the staff of Lusk JNS have found that there are lots of lovely fun activities to brighten up each day and that make us feel so very happy, even when we wake up feeling “grumpy as a bear”!

We’ve been reading and exploring our imaginations, we’ve enjoyed some lovely cups of tea with some delicious goodies we’ve baked. We’ve been busy keeping active and playing sports…we’re almost as good as you in PE! We’ve been out in the fresh air soaking up the sunshine, and sometimes even puddles. We’ve been caring for our pets, who are so pleased to have us home and we’ve been relaxing with our loved ones. We’ve even given Go Noodle a run for it’s money and we’ve been a bit silly and had a boogie ourselves.

During your time away from school we want you to strive each day to do something that sparks a smile, a giggle, a big belly laugh! That is your most important “homework”. So share a big toothy smile and enjoy the video we have made. We miss you dearly and hope to see you soon!

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