Lusk National School was originally located beside the church of St. MacCullins. Over time, the small school became insufficient for the needs of the community. In 1955, a new four teacher, four classroom school was built at its current location on Chapel Road. In 1981, the extension of the school began.

We are currently a very large school with 849 children on the roll, 45 teachers and 15 SNA and ancillary staff. Our children come from 29 different countries and 12 religious faiths.  However among them we still have many of the family names that dominate the roll books of the 19th century, names such as Kelly, Skelly, Browne, Cruise and Donnelly.  These children now sit beside children with family names such as Akambi, Borisevic, Ezizi and Okuson.  Changed times indeed.

Soon a new phase in the history of the school will begin when our current school moves into two fantastic new buildings and splits into two distinct schools, Lusk Junior National School and Lusk Senior National School. Each school will cater for 440 pupils and we are sure will continue to focus on the holistic development of every child in our care.






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